Social Media Influencing the Book Industry

The book industry is one of the oldest forms of media (Von Rimscha and Putzig, 2013), particularly if you look back to the first Bible. In fact, the earliest mention of the construction of a printing press was mentioned back in 1449 by a Johannes Gutenberg (Encyclopaedia Britannica, 2018). If you ever take a walk through the State Library of Victoria, be sure to check out some of the oldest texts. It’s fascinating! This case study will delve into the depths of the publishing and book industry, and analyse how social media and Web 2.0 has forced it to change and adapt, and how this has affected it’s relationship with customers and workers.

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Worst YA Covers

Sometimes books don’t always get the best covers. And let’s be honest, we all judge a book by its cover despite the saying that says ‘never’. As bookworms, we just want our shelves to look pretty, and that means the covers for the books have to be perfect. But sometimes, that just doesn’t happen. Here’s some that I personally think aren’t the nicest.

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