Silent Roads Home

This week for my university course I had to write a poem. And let me tell you, I found it sort of difficult. I’m not a poetry person, I don’t normally enjoy reading poetry and I especially don’t normally like writing poetry. The most difficult part was coming up with a topic that was emotionally gripping while also writing it in a way that I liked. This took some time. But in the end, the ANZACS inspired me (it had been ANZAC day the weekend before) and I wrote about the end of the first world war.

I titled it: Silent Roads Home

Dust stills along the road

Boots fall into silent tandem

Silence spreads to those that showed

More fell than one could imagine

Young men of varying ages

With faces that are not yet worn

Their names lost in thousands of pages

Destined to never hear the end of the horn

Fathers and brothers and sons

Walk with boots a-gone

Hands empty of polished guns

Loved ones faces now forlorn

At the going down of the sun

Tanks come to a rolling stop

Machine guns idle one by one

Smoke settling the sky now taupe

At last peace, but at what cost?

Mental and physical wounds galore

Thousands of lives have been lost

Such are the atrocities of war

With lowered heads
And guns at ease
We will remember them

~PasoMaddie xx


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