The Man With the Overflowing Bag – A Short Story


In a few weeks, my university course will have finished and in just a couple of months, I will have graduated from high school (which is about bloody time if you ask me). So with uni about to finish, I have had some assignments. Again, I had to write another short and this time I wrote about a potentially different aspect of death. Nobody fully dies and manages to come back to life so nobody really knows what happens when you die. Sure, people experience out of body experiences, life threatening situations, near-death experiences, etc., but do they really get to see what death is like during the short amount of time that they may not be fully on this Earth?

I personally have never had a situation such like that. But I have had a lot of people die around me over the past 17 years. I thought I would look at death in a different light and see where it took me. Apparently, this was where I was leading to.

You can find my latest short: The Man With the Overflowing Bag in the link below 🙂

Hope you like it!

~Maddie xx


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