Review: A Thousand Pieces Of You

So frequently I was recommended to read A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray. And most of these recommendations came from one person (thank you!). But eventually, I gave in and decided to turn to the first page of this novel.

Before I even decided to give this book a go and before I even knew what it was about, I thought it would just be this little romance book. You know, just sort of one of those contemporary books written for a YA audience. But, oh boy was I wrong! This book was so much more and so, so, so much better!

The storyline follows Marguerite, the daughter of two geniuses. Marguerite’s parents put their genius brain powers together to create something that would be known as a Firebird. This Firebird allowed the opportunity to travel between dimensions. Each dimension would be a completely different world, but there would always be something about it that would remain the same in each one.

Marguerite along with her friend Theo set out across various dimensions, unsure of where they’re going and/or what they’re entirely looking for. With each dimension comes a new fact. With each dimension comes a turn. With each dimension comes even more uncertainty.

A Thousand Pieces of You is so cleverly written with unexpected turns everywhere. This book takes you on an adventure of all sorts. And just when you think you’ve sorted yourself out and picked your ship………. Paul and Marguerite or Theo and Meg……. you’ve thought wrong. Suddenly the carpet is pulled right out from underneath you, leaving you sitting there with a confused look on your face and the author laughing at you, just strongly suggesting you to think again.

It’s definitely not a book you can expect to read ever again. The idea is original and different, a pleasant surprise. A Thousand Pieces of You takes what should be your general romance which is featured in every YA novel and puts a new twist on it. She focuses it around fate and the possibility that your destiny is predetermined. Each character is able to find each other, each time, despite what should be unreal and impossible situations, despite there being thousands of dimensions out there.

The book also reflects highly on trust. But this doesn’t just go as far as a character’s trust in others (even though that sort of trust is also featured). This goes as far as advanced technology, science and the Firebird – a contraption which, not until long before Marguerite and Theo set out across dimensions, hadn’t been tested. That was pretty much just asking for disaster to strike and for something to go seriously wrong. This book certainly doesn’t fail you on keeping you on the edge of your seat!

This novel was easily five stars. Not a star less could explain how amazing it was. I highly recommend it and encourage other people to go out and purchase this book. Or at least borrow it from a library or something. Anything to be able to read it.


~Maddie xx


3 thoughts on “Review: A Thousand Pieces Of You

  1. So glad you enjoyed this book – it’s one of my all-time favorite series, and you’re completely right about how Claudia takes your expectations and completely subverts them. If you thought A Thousand was a crazy ride, wait until Ten Thousand – which completely reversed my original ship.

    Excellent book and a great review!


  2. I have heard so much about this book. And I keep on meaning to pick it up (along with all the other books I am supposed to be reading) I think it was the cover that first caught my attention. Oh I know the pain of jumping ships… Good review!


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