Review: The Iron Fey Series

Well, it’s finally happened. It’s finally all come to an end. Julie Kagawa has closed the door on her Iron Fey series and now it’s all over. *wails*

I started reading these books back in 2012 (wow that was a long time ago!) and instantly fell in love with them. Just recently, I finished reading the last two books of the series and it was hard to say goodbye.

The series first starts off about a girl called Meghan who thought she was normal, who had a father who had disappeared before her eyes and a brother who was kidnapped by the Fey. And then she suddenly finds herself in the world of the Nevernever, the world where the Fey live, where all of the old legends such as Puck and Titania/Oberon live on, and where a certain dark prince holds her attention. But the Nevernever is being threatened by a new court, one not of Winter or Summer magic, but Iron, a material which is lethal to the Fey.

The second half of the series revolves Meghan’s younger brother, Ethan who hates the Fey and want nothing to do with them. However, he is sucked into the Nevernever anyway and fights by their side to save the Faery world from a new threat who are the Forgotten Fey – Fey who are fading because no one believes in them anymore.

One of the great features of Julie Kagawa’s writing is her use of description. She describes everything to such detail that the colours swirl in your mind until you’re picturing the world and the characters so clearly in your head. With the images that she paints in your head, it’s hard not to fall in love with this world as you are seeing the pure beauty of the Nevernever.

The series consists of seven books – The Iron King, The Iron Daughter, The Iron Queen, The Iron Knight, The Lost Prince, The Iron Traitor and the Iron Warrior. The books are slow at getting into everything at first and can be a little bit predictable at times with the love story line (but what YA novel almost isn’t?). But they build up pretty rapidly with each book, getting better and better until you read them over and over again and feel no shame. I’ve lost count of the amount of times that I’ve read the Iron Queen. There are so many adorable moments between Ash and Meghan which just keep drawing me back for more and more.

Meghan and Ash are practically #RelationshipGoals and the lengths at which they have to go to be with each other is something which should scream that they aren’t meant to be. Although, as always in YA novels, those obstacles never fully stop the relationship in it’s tracks. In ways, the couple are like the star-crossed lovers of the Nevernever, the Romeo and the Juliet – forbidden to be in love but can’t stop it.

The only thing about this series is that it can be a bit repetitious with it’s events. Almost in the same way that The Iron Queen ended, The Iron Warrior ended in a fairly similar way. And while I loved the way The Iron Queen closed it’s pages, I was still left wanting something different with the Iron Warrior. I had already read that ending and now it was time for something new.

In Kagawa’s acknowledgements I was amazed to see her say that doors can always be opened again. Doors can always be opened again?? What does this mean? Should I hold my breath in anticipation and wait eagerly? Or should I just let it go? After all, it is only a potential possibility. But maybe Julie Kagawa has some more stories left up her sleeves involving the Iron Fey warrior… Oh, my heart beats harder and faster in excited anticipation.

Overall, I would give the Iron Fey series a 5 out of 5 stars. This series will forever be one of my favourites and Julie Kagawa has now become a very inspirational writer for me. Highly recommended for anyone who loves fantasy novels and those about faeries, and which have an interesting twist on love interests.


2 thoughts on “Review: The Iron Fey Series

  1. Well these are all going on my TBR now. An amazing series review – definitely sold me on the books (and it’ll be my first experience with Kagawa too).


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