Review: Shadowhunters TV Show

This was meant to be the time that fans of Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments series would be happy. Finally an adaption would be made which would make up for the areas which the movie did not meet (and yes, I know, that was a lot). But unfortunately, for a lot of people, myself included, the first episode of the Shadowhunter series was disappointing.

I think a lot of people can agree that the movie, which was the first adaption, wasn’t great. It took a path which strayed away from the books. But honestly? The TV show made the movie look amazing. I honestly wasn’t entirely sure what I was watching a lot of the time. All I know is that it wasn’t The Mortal Instruments that I know and love, it wasn’t Cassie’s The Mortal Instruments.

For those that don’t know much about Cassie’s TMI series, it follows a 16 year old girl, Clary who finds herself seeing people who are invisible to most “normal” people – Shadowhunters. When her mother goes missing, she finds herself fighting demons, creatures she never thought existed until then. Clary must then find her mother with the help of Jace Wayland, a Shadowhunter who she finds herself falling in love with.

The moment the show begins, we’re introduced to these people who are leaping off and on buildings and are disappearing from sight. Immediately, my mind is thinking that they’re not human. And maybe that was the point. Because they’re not mundane. Even in the book we know that, we know they’re Shadowhunters who aren’t your normal mundanes. But I’m thinking they’re very supernatural, too supernatural for what I imagined Shadowhunters to be. Last time I checked, they weren’t warlocks.

Seraph swords are the weapons of the Nephilim, their power activated by the name of an angel. But within the TV show, the seraph swords look more like lightsabers from the world of Star Wars – just a press of a button and a flick of their wrist and the blade was alight. I wasn’t aware that we had changed fandoms.

One thing this TV show didn’t have going for it was it’s lack of hesitation. When Clary first meets Jace, one of the first things he says to her is “you have the sight.” And he says this in this really deep and foreboding voice. There’s no questions asked really, he’s just straight into it and poor Clary is left floundering, wondering what this “sight” thing is.

This brings me onto the topic of the acting and the actors. While Dominic Sherwood (who plays Jace) isn’t the best of actors for his role, he makes up for most of it with his looks. Although, I think they could have styled his hair differently. It doesn’t look great like that. If they could just make him look like he does in TayTay’s Style music video, I would be very happy thank you very much.

Oh and Alec… don’t get me started on Alec. He is very attractive. Nicely done, casting crew. Nicely done. *insert emoji with hearts for eyes*

Katherine McNamara who plays Clary also isn’t the best of actors and doesn’t suit Clary’s role much. Casting crews also didn’t do a very good job at finding good matches for Jocelyn and Clary who were meant to look alike as they are mother and daughter. The movie did a better job at this.

A part which made me laugh just because it didn’t make any sense was when Clary was given a stele for her birthday. She didn’t want Clary to be a part of the Shadowhunter world, but she gives her a stele anyway. That makes completely sense… #Sarcasm.

Overall, 2 stars is what I would give the TV series. I’m not entirely sure they read Cassie’s book/s which they should have because it is amazing. Even though I found many negative points to the TV show, I’m also intrigued to keep watching it and see where it goes.


Remember though, Cassie had no control over how it panned out.


What do you think of Shadowhunters? Share your thoughts below.


2 thoughts on “Review: Shadowhunters TV Show

  1. This was a really amazing review – one if your best, really honest and informative. I have to admit, I’m sad to hear that Shadowhunters didn’t work. I remember listening to Clare during BWF2015, and she was…not hopeful, but optimistic, that the TV show would be better than the movie. To hear that the movie has been better is just sad.

    It’s horrible to see franchises adapted poorly, and I wonder how many more chances they’ll give it before people give up on converting TMI to screen?

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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