Advanced Review: The Siren

It’s always interesting when you hear of an author who has originally gone through other other ways to publish their book – whether it be through self-publishing or through an independent publisher and it gets sold solely online. But it’s always more interesting when you find one who has turned around from those days and has then had their books published through the big and traditional ways. And not only that, but have also had success.

Kiera Cass, author of the bestselling series, The Selection started her time as a well-known author with The Selection. But before The Selection was The Siren. Originally self-published, Cass brought her first novel to the publishers and it was published after much demand from her readers.

The Siren is about beautiful girls who are in a contract to serve the Ocean for 100 years. Within the 100 years, the Ocean calls them to sing. This singing then lures people into the Ocean, who eventually die and feed Her (Her being the Ocean). The Ocean claims to own the Sirens. They cannot love anyone else or have anything they love more than Her or their Siren sisters. But one girl, Kahlen defies this rule. Kahlen,who once used to be obedient, falls in love with a human and when Kahlen accidentally lets her voice slip, it’s a race against time to save both of them.

One thing I loved about this book was it’s original and fresh ideas. I’ve read and seen plenty of books about mermaids but hardly ever books about sirens, these mysterious girls who are practically slave workers for the Ocean and have voices which are weapons designed to kill. It’s such a taxing weight they must carry on their shoulders but one they must continue if they wish to live.

The love story was adorable and cute and I couldn’t help but want more, more, more. Akinli is the sort of sweet and cute boyfriend everyone wants. And Kahlen, despite still having twenty years of service to give to the Ocean, falls in love with him. They spend a glorious 24 hours together which is something they shouldn’t have had and which then leads to disaster for both of them. Suddenly it becomes a race against the clock.

It is interesting to not only read the perspective of a siren and what the killing and the service meant/did to the girls. But to also see what it was like for The Ocean. Believe it or not, She too has feelings. It’s an unexpected and clever addition to the story.

The end of the book was a little bit rushed for me. It was a sweet ending but things for me were left a little bit open. I wonder about the other Sirens and whether they did as they had suggested – whether they had taken on Kahlen’s years too so as not to leave the Ocean alone. And I wonder about what happened at the end of the book. So much was crammed into the epilogue.

Kahlen can be a little bit of one of those girl characters who can be slightly annoying, just because she tends to whine a lot and she was a very emotional girl who cried and fell into long periods of depression. These depression periods filled a lot of the book which did sort of ruin the mood of it a little bit.

Overall I gave this book a 4 out of 5 stars. I didn’t fall in love with it in the same way that I fell in love with Kiera Cass’ The Selection series. But I still really enjoyed it and fell in love with the original ideas and the new perspectives. I highly recommend this book to anyone but it can be a little bit on the more feminine side.


Have you read The Siren yet? What were your thoughts if you have?


2 thoughts on “Advanced Review: The Siren

  1. This was a really cool review – I had no idea that Cass was self-published, so that’s quite inspiring and motivational for someone like me who pursued alternate publication methods. Really good review, sounds like something I might like to take a look at some time – thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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