Review: The Crown’s Game

***This book was kindly sent for review from Harper Collins Australia***


You know that moment when you hear about the book, and you read the synopsis on Goodreads, and then suddenly think about how much you just have to have it? For me, The Crown’s Game cover and synopsis shown out like gold amongst copper. But the question is, did The Crown’s Game  live up to my expectations?

It seems the time for alternative historical fiction is on our doors. First, from Michael Grant, and now from Evelyn Skye. The Crown’s Game invites readers back to a time where Tsars ruled over Russia. However, it isn’t the world you’ve studied to death in history at school.

Vika Andreyeva is an enchanter, preparing for what is known as the Crown’s Game. Nikolai Karimov is also an enchanter, but holds different powers to the ones Vika has. While the two of them couldn’t be any more different with their magical skills, they still have a bond which ties them together and can’t seem to let them go. But things become complicated when the tsarevich begins to fall for Nikolai’s girl too. In a fight to the death to be Russia’s new imperial enchanter, love is not an emotion either of them need.

The one thing I love the most about historical fiction is the setting, the worlds which are so different to the ones we live in today. Evelyn Skye didn’t fail to disappoint me on that part. Russia has such a rich history of royalty, of corrupt leaders, of beautiful ancient buildings. The country is one that makes for a perfect book setting as there is so much to write about.

The premise and the entire idea was mind blowing. I have no idea how she came up with such an amazing idea. But Evelyn if you have any tips on where you get your ideas come from, hit me up!

I was a little disappointed by the book’s pace. To me it felt a bit all over the place; sometimes slow, sometimes fast, sometimes dragging, sometimes actiony. It took a long time to get into the game, and even when it got into the game, each move was quick and short, and not exciting. Coming into the book, I thought it would be more like a duel, like ones out of Harry Potter. While each turn was impressive, they lacked excitement.

The characters were also sort of hard to become attached to emotionally. I found myself not really caring so much about what happened to them. Except Pasha. I liked Pasha. And yeah… Nikolai too. But sorry, Vika, you didn’t do much for me.

There was too much happening in this book. And by that I mean, two plot lines coming into one book. We had the Game playing out, and then we had this woman coming out of the ground to find her son. I could have done without the dead woman alive part. It didn’t fit into the plot line until the end, and I honestly didn’t care one bit about it. I wasn’t reading the book for a dead woman looking for revenge. I was reading it for the Game.

While the book had its flaws, I still thoroughly enjoyed this book. I’m interested to know what could happen in the sequel considering the story seemed to have ended at the end of book one.

I rate Evelyn Skye’s The Crown’s Game 3.5 stars.


Thank you Harper Collins Australia for sending me this book! I loved it!


Have you read The Crown’s Game? If so, what were your opinions?


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