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Can I just say OMG before we even begin? And a goodbye to Hermione Granger as we know her? Let’s get into this blog post, and review Disney‘s new live, Beauty and the Beast before I cry.

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Like I was saying, our sweet, innocent, know-it-all Hermione Granger is gone. But now we have something which can be almost equally just as good. We have our beautiful Belle, who has the voice of an angel.

Wait. Before I get started in the review, let’s just jump back to how I even ended up seeing the film.

So my friend kidnapped me. I was blindfolded, shoved in a car, driven somewhere (hey, I can see a story hiding in there!). I was told to get out, I was led forward, couldn’t see a single thing. Just kidding, it wasn’t that hostile! Speed bumps are interesting when you can’t see where you’re going, let me tell you that. With one person on either side of me, I was marched into a shopping centre, told to stand still, and told to smile. And oh God, the light when I took the blindfold off. Ciao ciao to my poor eyes.

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I was produced a movie ticket, and so the internal review began.

We first see Belle (played by Emma Watson) as an “odd” girl who lives in a poor, provincial town in France. She’s had enough of the world she lives in, and also hates Gaston (Luke Evans), who is full of himself and wants nothing but Belle. After her father (Kevin Kline), goes missing, Belle jumps on the noble steed, Phillipe and rides after him. It is there that she discovers the castle which has fallen into disrepair, and takes her father’s place as the Beast’s (played by Dan Stevens *swoons*) prisoner. We watch, with tears rolling down our face, as the Beast and Belle fall unknowingly in love. We watch with horror as the villagers, led by the nasty Gaston, intrude the castle. We watch with pride as the castle fights back, but ball our eyes out when the Beast… wait. Better not spoil it.

So let’s just say, this movie was amazing!

The cast was incredible, filled with many well-known names. But it wasn’t just that they were well-known which brought the characters to life, it was the range they had. Ian McKellan played Cogsworth, Ewan McGregor played Lumiere, Emma Thompson played Mrs Potts, Josh Gad played LeFou, just to name a few.

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The narrative followed the original Disney movie almost to a T. There were some new storylines which were added, but I felt these added depth to the narrative as a whole. We got to see different sides of the main characters, such as Belle. We learnt about Belle’s mother, who in many Disney movies, seems to be absent. But we didn’t just learn about the main character’s backgrounds, we learnt about many of the villagers as well.

When the battle had been won, and the Beast was no longer so hairy, we watched as the villagers and the castle people came together. It was interesting to watch the connections be reattached. In the beginning we had watched one villager wander around the poor, provincial town searching for some unknown object. He was later reunited with his wife, a person he had been forced to forget.


The more I think about the movie, and the more I listen to the soundtrack, the more I fall in love with it, and the more I want to watch it again!

*Puts album on repeat forever*


Beauty and the Beast is a solid 5 out of 5 stars.


Have you seen Beauty and the Beast? What did you think?


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