A Snippet from Current WIP #1

So I thought I’d try something new and brave, and show people some small parts of what I have been working on lately. These little snippets will most likely only be a few paragraphs long, if that, but for some reason, I’m happy with them so I decided to share some. Here is snippet #1.

She looked up at Will. He had been staring at her the whole time, barely looking at the page in front of them. He had been catching her reactions like falling snowflakes, holding onto them with delicate fingers. He wanted to reach forward and wrap her in a warm embrace. He wanted to keep her safe, to tuck her head under his chin, and just hold her until all the bad guys and all the bad things in the world disappeared.

Eventually, he did reach forward. He reached forward with a hand, curling his finger around the hair which had fallen into her face. He let it wind around his outstretched hand, felt its softness brushing against his skin, heard her soft intake of surprised breath, felt the room crackle with tension and heat. He pushed the hair which was still wrapped around his finger behind her ear. He should have let his hand fall as soon as her hair was out of her face, but instead, he hesitated, with his hand hovering over the soft, red flesh of her cheek. Ziena felt her breath become caught in her throat.

Will then seemed to realise what he was doing, and he quickly withdrew his hand, letting it fall limply to his side. But while his hand was no longer hovering over her warm flesh, he could still feel her beside him, still wanted to reach out to her. But with the broken connection between them, Ziena had returned to the pages before her.


And there you have it! Let me know what you think in the comments. I welcome any criticism anyone has and will happily take it on board! I want to be a better writer, so I hope that by sharing my writing with others, I can learn and become what I hope is a better writer. 

Image result for quill writing

Thank you! xx


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