Book Review: Editing Emma: The Secret Blog of a Nearly Proper Person

***Kindly sent for review from HQ Publishing. Thank you!***

If you’re looking for a fun, light read to slot between those mind working fantasies and shocking dystopians, then Ed oiting Emma by Chloe Seager is the book you need to go to. It’s hilarious and relatable, and a great read for younger teens who are trying to still trying to figure out who they are.

Editing Emma is a light read about a young girl’s journey of high school drama and working out who she is while completing high schools. This all begins when Emma experiences her first ever breakup and heartache when her boyfriend ‘ghosts’ her and breaks up with her by ignoring her and dating someone else. She then creates plans to fix herself and find happiness again without her beloved ex. This includes a lot of awkward first dates.

So, let’s start the talk about the book.

What I didn’t Love About the Book

I was a little unsure of who the target audience was for this book. While it addresses topics which are suited for teenagers, the voice of the protagonist seemed to be for people more around the age of thirteen. The protagonist seemed, and acted, younger than the age of sixteen, making decisions that didn’t seem very smart. But then again, who didn’t make stupid decisions when they were young? And we are reading a book where the protagonist always does things before thinking them through fully.

The blog style also didn’t sit well with me. When I initially learned of the style, I was excited because it was somewhat unique and would be really cool. However, it sort of fell flat for me as it read as more of a normal style of writing but with more headings and times. It still had all the conversations which seemed to be happening all the time. This made the time frame a little confusing as how is someone able to blog all the time when they’re having conversations? And while we’re on this topic, how does someone blog so frequently?

And let’s just address one quick topic: what about Greg?????? Image result for crying emoji

And while there were things which I didn’t love, there was still heaps I loved!

This book was hilarious. Not good for quiet situations when you can’t really laugh. I read this book while sitting beside my parents, and had to sit there, going red in the face to try and stop myself from laughing out loud. It was adorably awkward with each of the events taking place. Yes, you want to scream at the protagonist, but these things also just made you want to laugh.

It also doesn’t hold back on anything. It covers all topics that are associated with growing up as a female and a teenager – periods, coming out as gay to your parents, sex, masturbation. These are all taboo subjects, but Chloe Seager doesn’t hold back and that makes the book relatable and reminds me of my time in high school. I commend Seager for the way she approaches and addresses all of these. In funny ways and serious ways, never taking away the importance.

This book started off slow for me but got better quickly as the humour kicked in. It’s great for a light, fun read when you’re in between books. Recommend!

I rate Editing Emma: The Secret Blog of a Nearly Proper Person by Chloe Seager  3.5 out of 5 stars.




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