5 Book Events I Desperately Want To Attend

Living in Brisbane, Australia, you don’t get too many book events. And you get used to feeling always green with envy as you watch the lower states (Melbourne and Sydney, I’m looking at you) get everything. You’re also always dehydrated because you cry so much when your favourite authors leave Australia without coming to Brisbane. So, this is a tiny bucket list of all the book events I want to attend before I die.

Book Expo America

One year, I will make it to BEA. It just sounds like all types of awesome, and one that needs to be experienced at least once. It’s that event where all these huuuuuge authors that you look up to in your writing experience come together to deliver all sorts of bookish goodness. And it’s where a lot of the big Booktubers like Jessethereader, Christine from PolandBananaBooks, and Kat from Katytastic meet with like-minded people. Please tell me how this isn’t awesome? Actually don’t, because I might look at you like you’ve lost your mind.

Melbourne Writers Festival

Melbourne Writers Festival is just around the corner, and some pretty awesome authors have just been confirmed (Hello, Angie Thomas!). If I wasn’t broke, in university, and so far away from Melbourne, I would be going in a heartbeat. Melbourne, in my opinion, is the artsy, cool city of Australia (Sorry, Brissie, but it’s kind of true). So, I guess, it shouldn’t surprise me that they get so many cool events, and even run Melbourne Writers Festival.

They also have some pretty cool bloggers down there that I would love to meet at some point. *waves*

Sydney Writers Festival

Sydney Writers Festival has been lucky enough to make several lists of best literary events in the world (I may have done a little bit of research in preparation). There is plenty of events to choose from, they get some pretty big international authors that never make it to Brisbane *cries* and its down in Sydney where you can admire the Harbour. 

And like Melbourne, there’s also a lot of really cool bloggers who live down that way! Hello!

Book Con

Manhattan! Who doesn’t want to go to New York at least once in their life? I know I do. And you know what happens in Manhattan? Book Con! For me, it’s another must do that I need to tick off my bucket list of book events. They get AMAZING authors every year. You know… the ones you’ve been dying your entire life to meet? For example, I just looked at the 2017 list of authors and… :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


YA FanFest

Anywhere south of the Queensland border is definitely lucky in the amount of book events and festivals they get. I’m constantly spammed with photos and tweets, and YA Fanfest is no exception. I watch as new books are introduced, as authors come together and share their thoughts with fans, and feel absolutely green with jealousy every year. It’s definitely an event I need to attend at some point.


So anybody want to pay for me, and send me to any of these? Or any others? Let me know of any other book events that are totally awesome in your country (or Australia)?

And Sydney and Melbourne? I still don’t forgive you for stealing Rainbow Rowell and not sharing! 


3 thoughts on “5 Book Events I Desperately Want To Attend

  1. I always think of how america gets so many amazing events and that aus needs more and tend to forget how many cool bookish things I get to go to being in Melbourne! Hopefully you can come down to MWF one day it’s really awesome, my first time going was last year to meet Rainbow and I can’t wait for this years. It’s a goal to combine travel to the US with a book con of some sort, finger crossed we one day get there XD
    Also Melbourne may be artsy but it’s got NOTHING on Brissies beaches and weather ❤

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