Review: Mindwalker

***Kindly sent for review from Bloomsbury Australia***

One of the best things in the world is when books unexpectedly turn up on your doorstep. Seriously. It’s like Christmas, particularly when you have no idea what’s hiding in the cardboard wrapping. I’m always really tempted to shake it around a little, as if that’s going to give me a clue before I open it. Like a little kid on Christmas day, I tore the box apart and found Mindwalker by A.J. Steiger waiting to be read. And as soon as I read the blurp on the back, I knew I had to read it ASAP.

Mindwalker by A.J. Steiger is about a future that at first glance seems almost too good to be true. There’s no war, no social unrest, no painful memories. But when you look harder at it, you start noticing the cracks, as there is with almost everything. There is no freedom, only control from the government and authorities. And then, there’s the Types which are based of your so-called mental stability. The higher in number (1-5), the less control over your life you have.

Mindwalkers are these pretty cool people who have the ability to see into someone else’s mind and wipe any painful memories from their clients. This is done with new technology which is in the form of helmets. The only downside of this is that the Mindwalkers take on that person’s pain as that memory then resides with them. It takes a lot of strength to be a Mindwalker.

We meet our main character, Lain Fisher, who is a Mindwalker herself. She’s bright, she’s strong, and a rule follower. That is until she meets a certain boy (of course). She gets herself into trouble when she starts mixing with people she shouldn’t, and yet she can’t help herself. Steven is a Type four and is requesting help from Lain which she has been forbidden to give. But what happens? Of course feelings get involved and it becomes pretty hard to stay away. There’s also Ian, who you really can’t help but feel a little bit bad for, almost no matter what the reason. But he’s pretty cool, and you can’t help but end up falling in love with him.

This was the first dystopian novel I had read in some time, and so it was an interesting experience to fall back into a world which is so like our world, and yet so different. The concept for this dystopian was actually really cool. I mean, the whole wiping bad memories, and practically walking through somebody’s head with just the use of a helmet is pretty awesome. My only question though, is where in the future are we set? How far is Mindwalker from now? Because it seems like it isn’t too far ahead, but at the same time, it feels like everything we know is centuries ago, particularly with all the new technology. The amount of time between our world and the world in Mindwalker isn’t too important, but would be interesting to know all the same.

One major issue I had with Mindwalker was the information dumps. There was a lot of these at the beginning, explaining the way the world is now, explaining how Mindwalking works, and honestly it was just too much information that my brain just shut down and skipped over them. And because of it, I think I skipped some vital information about the world, but I just honestly couldn’t read it. I felt almost a little too stupid to understand some of it because science was definitely not my subject during school. And because of these information dumps and the whole setting up of the world, it’s slow at the beginning, and takes quite a while to get into anything interesting.

But! It gets better. The pace starts to build quickly as Lain realises that the government is corrupt (surprised? haha) and wants to provide an equal world for everyone (are we talking to Katniss Everdeen?). And then cute moments start happening between Lain and Steven, and they begin to have this really good chemistry which just really really makes me want the sequel RIGHT NOW. Although, the whole “I want him but can’t have him because it’s against the rules” kind of thing got a little bit annoying because it just went on and on and on. But that’s all right. The ending was worth it. 

But this book. OMG. Please. I need more now. I need to find out what happens to our world, and if freedom can be found.


I rate Mindwalker by A.J. Steiger 3.5 stars out of 5.

Is it September yet so I can read Mindstormer??



Thank you, Bloomsbury Australia!


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